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AAP kahan hai

I am taking exception but this has to be a political point of debate and that is why my first write-up on politics. Not for the reason I would really prefer but I was impelled to write in return to some political piece of wisdom created by AAP.
Now since they have formed the Government and will pursue their aim to create corruption free governance , following points are still unfathomable -

1. Audit of Electricity Companies : 50% reduction in electricity bill is okay but one of the biggest threat remains that how Kejriwal ji will provide or force Electricity companies to provide FREE electricity to people who have been enjoying it to a good amount of habit to the point that they actually take pride in claiming that they have not done that for as long as they remember.

2. No control over spread of unauthorized colonies :
Delhi is Capital of politics and Nation. It carries a load of so many helpless migrants each day who come here just to find a way to survive and Delhi's big hearted nature can be seen in it.
But providing all of this free and at an expense of hard earned money of people of delhi who long served to make Delhi what it is now.

I am afraid that footpaths will now become "Chawls" or living spaces with built in business towns.
I am afraid that open areas reserved for playing will soon be implanted with Modular Toilets over the same pitch which entertained many upcoming cricketing talent for years. Beside of that, there will be tented accommodations where selected few will see it coming : Everything for free .

3. Free Water :
AAP has done a good job with it. However what they fail to understand that providing sustainable water resources shall be the main agenda of government. Improvement of water treatment facilities and improving water supply facilities shall be the aim of government.Relying of water supplying tankers is still not a good idea. It is simply that tax payers money spent for a quick fix.

.. to be continued with moderate hopes from newly formed government!

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The world is still beautiful..Isn't it? HomePage

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The world is still beautiful..Isn't it? HomePage