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The Proverbial Aam Aadmi

I love AAP for they do not discriminate.In-fact they equally hate each and everyone who is not Aam Aadmi.Ask one and he will tell you how much he worships the proverbial Aam Aadmi.
Aam Aadmi is the one who, until before ploughed field and harvested crops without having a quest for making it to league of Khaas Admi.
This Proverbial Aam Admi , if at all happens to be a teacher , does not expect his students to stand-up and give him morning saluation even if it comes out of resp
Life Lesson
They will never thank for  anything!
ect because that would be VIP culture.
My suave neighbor, who strongly advocates AAPism , came to capital city leaving his family to make it big in the city. Being a lonely son ,it was hard for his family to let him go specially when they had sufficient land available for farming and carry out other activities which might helped them financially.His family educated him well and arranged money for the donation of one of the best engineering colleges around since he could not make it by virtue of Merit.The position that he holds in big Multinational Company makes me think that he must have toiled hard in studies to achieve this.Now he owns a Saloon car and a full time driver provided by company.Since he does not believe in VIP culture, I see him occasionally driving his Toyota Corolla Altis by giving his driver a breeze.I truly respect his effervescence towards AAP.

Its only after AAP effect , I could learn to imagine that his main motive in settling down to a new city with not so known people around ,must have been revolved aroud joining the league of Proverbial Aam Aadmi and not the quest to be better (Khaas) among the lot .Also one thing that I learned from AAP that a commoner can never make it to the league of Proverbial Aam Aadmi who is worshiped by AAP.
From AAP's perspective ,being excellent is a myth and we must bring levels to each other voluntarily.Clearly there is a point of scruple which tends to overweight towards AAP but making the same point would only act to make them lighter for there is a saying " Hate the sin , not the Sinner".Hanging some one never helped the society in growing up.. has it?  

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The world is still beautiful..Isn't it? HomePage

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The world is still beautiful..Isn't it? HomePage