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Analyzing a lost chance

NEWS : Mr. Kejriwal has resigned as CM of Delhi.

A chance lost, only to blame BJP and Congress. He and his MLA's could have worked for improve Delhi.They laid a good foundation by bringing up issue related to improving life of commoner but instead of pursuing results for the cause, they end up focussing on tearing the clothes of BJP and Cong. Ordering Audit was a good thing but leaving it unattended is not.He had a chance to create many jobs. He had a chance to improve Roads. He had a chance to improve water Network and He had a chance to improve education standards and indeed He had a chance to shape the dreams of youth.
It is disappointing that He resigned but what is more disappointing is that he refused to live up to expectations of a commoner.
I wish him all the best for future hoping he will bounce back with enough courage and persistance to be occupied with his intent rather than impulse.

I have no spur
To prick the sides of my intent, but only
Vaulting ambition, which o'erle…

The Proverbial Aam Aadmi

I love AAP for they do not discriminate.In-fact they equally hate each and everyone who is not Aam Aadmi.Ask one and he will tell you how much he worships the proverbial Aam Aadmi. Aam Aadmi is the one who, until before ploughed field and harvested crops without having a quest for making it to league of Khaas Admi. This Proverbial Aam Admi , if at all happens to be a teacher , does not expect his students to stand-up and give him morning saluation even if it comes out of resp ect because that would be VIP culture.
My suave neighbor, who strongly advocates AAPism , came to capital city leaving his family to make it big in the city. Being a lonely son ,it was hard for his family to let him go specially when they had sufficient land available for farming and carry out other activities which might helped them financially.His family educated him well and arranged money for the donation of one of the best engineering colleges around since he could not make it by virtue of Merit.The positio…