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♫♪ LET ME BE ♫♪

Every time everything i have shared with you You make me feel like no one else can do... Just by looking in your eyes i forget about everything else So deep is the impact of yours i loose all my senses... I cant think of time without you Want just nothing much just let me be all my life around you....  ____________________________________ I cherished  every single moments i have spend with you Just living up each day to only see you... Look inside deep in my heart you will find urself there Just think of me once i will come to get you from nowhere... what i m showing is my love my feelings for you Want just nothing much just let me be all my life around you.... ____________________________________ Finding each day a way just to be with you I don't know about anyone else all i know is you... Trying to searching everything that makes you feel so high You are like that angel for whom everyone wants to die... I will always be there for you Want just nothing muchjust let me be all my life around you... :) _____________________…

Haiku and get Rescued


Aim to shine with sun
scorned by work
Rescued by the dusk

shrunken shivering soul
praying to heavens
Spring awaits to begin

For : Haiku Heights
Poets United

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Endlessly Dusky

Sun eaten by earth
Darkness Prevails
Reborn on other day.

Sun on Gravity fall
Dusky sky
Woke up repelling.

The world is still beautiful..Isn't it? HomePage

Whole of Love : My entry for the Get Published contest

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Story Idea : She yearned for a happy family, united through faith and love. This is no big deal, for many other girls have this one in their wishy- book at least once before the threshold of time comes (marriage on mind). Interestingly she had no or little faith in institution of arranged marriage. She had waited for him to come online for last three days after accepting his request just because he had liked same cultural community as she did and wore an army print half-pant in his profile picture. The curiosity was governing her and he did come online once to tease her. Will she like him? He was an intellectual pervert and had less than average EQ to be taken as an acceptable lover. The mind over matter lad was eluded by fancy love till the late teenage, and adolescence took him as too seriously to focus on meager matters of love. He was spending almost end…

Haiku - Before its too late !
For the death shall come and before it comes
wouldn't u conquer it by living for love!

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