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Happy Republic Day 2012

When I look back a year back, alot hasn't changed but the spirit remains the same. The undying spirit of hope that tells us with each breath that -- Yes ,we can!!
On a day before of republic day, I preferred to listen Mr.Obama's state of Union address than to reach office at regular time and since then I am left wondering weather one of our flagbearer can deliver such an address from Red-fort?
My heart answered "yes , we can".
On the eve of republic day, I was listening to our political cadre making speech and not to mention, just like each republic day, my hope subdued to the level that I fell asleep. Next day I woke up, came out in my balcony and saw those little kids bearing national flag sign pinned to their pocket, my faith in hope reinforced and my heart spoke to me,
Yes, we can!!
Yes, we can!!
Yes, we can have a nation where hard work pays off , where team work is rewarded and individuals go ahead working together.
I certainly feel a bit better keeping this h…