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And now that you are gone..I wanna be with you

Just the lyrics of a b'ful song it may sound , but much more in context of year almost gone by. It has been a memorable year for me, when I have actually started to observe things w.r.t. timeline.
1.The rains that satiated to the soul and still pouring while I drench , the cold breeze that blew in hot summers  and the warmth underneath the quilt while sipping ginger tea.
2.Record breaking Black Eyed Peas, my newly discovered longing for listening scorpions and the heart touching John Mayor. It's worth mentioning that I got dis-disillusioned from trance a little bit however still a plenty left to take me high on a Friday night.
3.Chelsea winning the Premier League along with FA cup , Nadal superbly winning French open, Wimbledon and US open. I always admired both Chelsea and Nadal. (Sachin Tendulkar has always been wonderful )
4. Frequent trips to Aligarh and time spent with family and friends.Specially after getting married ( big deal !!...Im a novice) , its almost unmanageable to…