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Way of Living and winning ?

Why life is such a mind game always!! At first why is it about winning always.. Why two ppl can’t meet n talk without thinking the past n future of each other? Seldom it happens when there is gathering of pure minds and no preconceptions and prejudice. There need to be scope for brainstorming without actually doing it intentionally. The general perception of smartness is always (almost always)  related to outsmarting others.
1. "Winning is everything, to win is all there is. Only those poor souls buried beneath the battlefield understand this." 2. "Winning is not everything, but the effort to win is."

My understanding is that the key lies in knowing the context scenarios and acting accordingly. Acting in a way that a looser doesn't get the hatred for being what he turned out eventually. That calls for some humanity and open hearted-ness.

May be I need to elaborate it further so that this idea is conveyed properly. 
Let's all have an empathy for the cost at which the …
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Skyline from Mountain

Structured urbanization may not be as chaotic as the prevailing sense of urbanization suggests!

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R for River

Rivers are focal point of civilization and for that, my camera consumes me to record these picture-

It's every day's affairfor some, for many others it provides a dip to salvation.
 We were able to find this 150 yr old well, The river divides geogrphical territory of two cities.

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Question thyself ?

Q is for QuestionWhen in doubt , don't question yourselves but do not refrain questioning your act and motives. I recall Shakespeare for what he said -

O mighty Caesar! dost thou lie so low? Are all thy conquests, glories, triumphs, spoils,  Shrunk to this little measure?

I think this helps to stand high on moral grounds to the least!
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Converging Idea of Bonus Money

I really don't get that idea of bonus even if i have been living by that for most of my employment history.As an employee, it hardly makes a sense to me to be promised a sum of future money for what is my regular duty.Not that I dont like additional money , I want that additional money paid as my fixed monthly incumbments. Somewhere in my mind there is an idea that tells me that Bonus is a form of suspicion that certain individual or company may not perform it's duty so let's cover our risks.

I must say that to my own standards I am exceptional at performing my duties and its only my boss who fail to recognize my efforts. Sometimes he is the one who belittle my performance to save his own Ass. Having said that, its not unusual for my peers to put me in a category of people who get those grades which put an impressive claim on all Bonus.

Conversely , from an employers perspective this seems true to me.If I ever had a chance to run a company and deciding over the wages of thos…

Watching Offshoots grow Rapidly

One of the greater joy is to watch offshoots grow rapidly! O is for offshoots                                                          Linked to:ABC Wednesday The world is still beautiful..Isn't it? HomePage

Bollywood Names Nicknamed

Wondered what will lexically blending the names and surnames of bollywood stars yield? Well , some of them are really interestingly funny and you must take a look -   (#Lexical Blending)

Anil Kapoor a.k.a. #AnKa
Sonam Kapoor aka #SOKA

Shahid Kapoor #ShaKa
Akshya Kumar a.k.a. #AkKu

Sonakshi Sinha a.k.a. #SoSi
Prachi Desai #Prade

These are the best ones --

Farhan Akhtar #Farak
Kareena Kapoor #KaKa
Amitabh Bacchan a.k.a. #Amba
Shahrukh Khan #Shak

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